Constantly Varied

You will never do the exact same thing, the only time you will repeat a workout is to measure improvement. Routine is the enemy, CrossFit constantly combines gymnastics, weight training, and endurance conditioning.

  • Always Changing.
  • Always Learning.
  • Broad, General, Inclusive.
  • General Physical Preparedness.

Functional Movement

Functional movements are universal motor recruitment patterns; they are performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity; and they are compound movements—i.e., they are multi-joint.

  • Natural.
  • Multi-joint.
  • Safe.
  • Essential.

High Intensity

Is a measure of physics, not opinion. Intensity is measured by how fast you get real work done. Our goal is to increase your capacity for work and to make you fit for every day activities. Power = Intensity = Results.

  • Intensity = Power = Results.
  • Relative to Physical Limitations.
  • Relative to Mental Limitations.
  • Scaled per Individual.

Meet the new ownership team!

Keith Trevillian – Owner
Vikki Trevillian – Owner / Events Coordinator
Steve Slama - Owner / CrossFit L1 Trainer / Head Coach

Our Mission Statement: We are committed to providing a positive and challenging experience in a safe and supportive environment for all our Athletes. It is our goal to meet the needs of our Community members to help them achieve greater strength, better health and a happier lifestyle.


Latest From the Blog

Name: Mary Rajek Occupation: Economic Development Consultant Crossfit Nickname: I’m sure they have a few for me Hobbies or interests outside of Crossfit: Do Crossfitters have other hobbies? Ha! Seriously though, I love spending time with my husband and kiddos. I also really love my work. Between crossfit, family, and work, I really couldn’t imagine […]

Name: Nicole Nauer Occupation: Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Analyst Crossfit Nickname: Nic How long have you been a part of the Wausau Crossfit Community? Since March 2013 When did you realize CrossFit was right for you? My first workout. It was “Bring a Friend” WOD. Everyone was so encouraging and friendly; the WOD kicked my […]

Name: Jenna Boller Occupation: Emergency Room RN Crossfit Nickname: I don’t have one nailed down yet How long have you been a part of the Wausau Crossfit Community? What was your motivation to join up? I have been doing Crossfit since the end of November 2013. I have some friends that do Crossfit and one […]

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Athlete Testimonials

As a mother, wife and nurse working nights, I found myself feeling sluggish, tired and had no energy most of the time! Joining Wausau CrossFit has changed my life more than I ever expected it to! I feel motivated an energized more times than not! I continue to set goals for myself that have become more enjoyable to chase after! My body has changed for the better and I feel great! I have met some amazing people in this process and feel blessed to be part of this awesome community! Thank you coach Steve and Wausau CrossFit for lighting my fire and changing my life!

- Amy Antonich

We were up at our cottage for a week and needed a box to hang with. Coach Steve was so welcoming! This man REALLY knows his stuff. We went every day for 6 days and I learned something new each day and even PRed! Coach Sara was no cream puff! You rock, girl!! Can’t wait to share what I learned with my CF Lake Country gang!! AMAZING WODs! Wausau, your box is the real deal…Take advantage of the awesome coaching and way cool box! JOIN NOW!!!

- Heidi Kaiser

I love this place. Come as you are, and get your butt into shape. It’s seriously awesome :)

- Mary Rajek

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